Arab conscience

While I was thinking about another topic to write about in my next article it just pumped to my head that it’ll be amazing to actually write about something that really matters to people by pointing to the changes occurred to humanity , to religion , the changes of human needs, believes ….etc.

Based on my personnel view of everyday life and noticing people’s acts everyday you can say that I can’t believe that we actually call ourselves Muslims, there’s nothing neither we do, we say or we believe in refers to Islam, being weak and lacking the courage to act while we’re seeing others acting wrong.

Do you know how many people say they believe in ALLAH but they still drink, steal, vandalize and lie?

But the preponderant category is about hypocrites, insincere and dishonest people, they call themselves Muslims but none of their acts correspond to a Muslim’s believes neither to what Islam told us to do or to follow.

Hearing the prophet’s colloquies, having the capacity to distinguish between right and wrong but still doing wrong, it shouldn’t be that way ,there isn’t half a thing in a religion, you can’t be Muslim at the same time Jewish or Christian.

What’s the most important is not to say that you believe in ALLAH but to live as you believe in ALLAH.

In the time being, people are living like there’s no end to this life, like there’s no death, they don’t follow the rule “live today like there’s no tomorrow” , neither I’ll die and I’ll let everything behind me because the only thing I’m taking with me is the good things I’ve done while I was alive.

We see that the major thing they care about is getting money, to get money they have to work really hard, after they start getting money they start buying things they want maybe a phone after a phone a car then a house …..Etc.

But they didn’t notice that it is kind of selfish because they only think about themselves and about making their lives comfortable forgetting about everything around them and being blind by money.

While spending their lives that way, they forgot about the real purpose of being alive that is working so hard to be among the ones being called to enter Jannah on the day of judgment, they supposed to pray, to help others, to be kind, to remember that ALLAH is up there, to wake up everyday saying: dear god I woke up today I’m healthy I’m alive thank you, and that they supposed to be the best person they can be.

This is just a brief explanation how have people changed not for the best but unfortunately to the worse and the simplest example is: -the Israel’s act of killing Palestinian demonstrators in Quds and knowing the fact that there is only one Jewish nation with a tiny country in the middle of the Arab nation and still did nothing about the Palestinian case proves that there is no Arab consciousness.

Love and infatuation

Since i wanted to write about emotions i decided to write an article in which i’m going to explain briefly what does it mean to be in love and to keen interest that is infatuation.

you as a person sometimes when you thought that you’ve found love you didn’t, but at last you had to figure out by yourself that wasn’t love but only an intense short lived passion or admiration for that person.

As teenegers, every single person dreams of a perfect love story that lasts forever and ends with marriage but unfortunately that’s not going to happen because when you thought that person is the love of your life you were wrong it was only a brief attraction to that person.

There’s some cases in which you like a person a lot but after you get to talk and know them that intrest just vanish.

For me infatuation passes but love and mariage lasts forever, i believe that even if you married a person you barely knew it’ll be just okay because even love can be created after marriage, it’s like a cooperation you give all the love in you to it , this cooperation is about completing one another because as human beings we lack some things and we have some things , the other person is supposed to have the things you lack , it’s also about having a person by your side your entire life no matter what it brings.

from the ocean of traditions and verses of the Quran i quote :

« They (your wives) are a clothing (covering) for you and you too are a clothing (covering) for them. » (Surah 2, Verse187).

Once a friend gave me an amazing advice that love before marriage is not possible neither exists because love between men and women is also about sexuel relation that is banned in our religion that’s why i say love is after marriage.

You who have such a strong faith i think that it’s going to be very lonely for you if you’re the only person who believes in your relationship.

But at some point you‘ll realize that you’ve done too much for someone that the only next thing you can do is to stop, to let go of him, leave them alone, walk away, but you should know that it’s not like you’re giving up and it’s not like you shouldn’t try, it’s just that you have to draw a line of determination from desperation because what is truly yours would eventually be yours and what is not no matter how hard you try ,will never be, so just be passion and have faith that everything will be okay no matter what.

from the ocean of traditions and verses of the Quran i quote :

« Say, » We shall only reach what Allah has commanded for us.  » (9.51); ‘’He is the one who created all things and has predetermined it » (25.2).

For success today look first to yourself


From reading the title i guess you’ll have at least one idea about what i’m going to talk about in this short article.

I know the meaning of success but i can’t tell you what it is because it’s my definition, this definition is unique to each person.

The concept of success is different and depends on every single person ,one thinks that success is when he/she can get what they wanted in life, something to achieve  maybe money maybe love or maybe something else ,another person thinks that success is when  you live a life that is stable no worries , but the question is : how can a person achieve success no matter what it means and what does a person want from life ?

Well the answer to this question is simple achieving success starts with developing yourself as a person by knowing what to improve about yourself in the first place, then why you’re doing it If you don’t identify your reasons for pursuing something, chances are high that you’ll eventually stop before achieving it and that’s a fact.

You start asking yourself questions like what my vision of my best version ?

What are my abilities and capacities ?

Have i already reached my best and my limits ?

Developing yourself depends also on a need interactiosn with others.

Talk to people, listen what they say , meet people doing the things you want to do and ask them how it feels like ,learn from past situations, analyse them and move forward.

Learn quicker then before and Surround yourself with the people you feel great to be with but also communicate with the others (sometimes some people have a negative effects on you try to stay a little bit distant).

Try to look actively for some new literature and read often, listen to audio books, ask people for feedback about you-that makes you improve yourself a bit every time you hear it.

Ask yourself what life would be like if you won’t achieve what you want ? you need to think about the results and consequences? because your goals requires bigger actions than you think and it’s not going to be that simple and easy ? sometimes it matters a lot and you need to let go a lot of things sometimes precious things that’s why you shouldn’t ask other people for advice because no one knows what good for you but you.

This is important take time to think what you want and what it means to you and put all your strenght to make it happen.